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Hi my beautiful monsters!

Since my Facebook was hacked and shut down I finally decided to start my blog 🤩

Lets start with the fucking Facebook situation! So many of my beautiful fans are on Facebook and we talk on a daily basis. You all give me so much inspiration and strength. Not being able to see u guys every day is fucking torture! Anyhow...

It started over a week ago when Facebook told me that someone reported my private account. That happens A LOT! When some people don´t agree with me, or if the are pissed at me for some reason, the report my account (I know exactly who it was and it pisses me off like crazy!) I thought this time was the same as always and that I would get my account back after a few days but hell no! My account is shut down and if thats not enough, my band page SCARLET has been hacked by some asian fashion company and I cant get it back. GOD HOW I HATE THIS SHIT!

❤️ Something AMAZING on the other hand is that I release my new single in just 2 weeks! ❤️

The song is called #BOSSBITCH and it feature two incredible women. My girl Thirsty from SCARLET and scream queen Åsa Netterbrant from former "Zephyra", now "Slashy Sue"

I wanted to make a FUCK OFF song and #BOSSBITCH is the result of that!

Its also the song on the album with the most songwriters. Me, Thirsty (SCARLET), Ian- Paolo Lira (Lillasyster), Jonas Ekdahl (Evergrey), Martin Westerstrand (Lillasyster) Lisa Linck and Kim Sörensen. Let me just add that I drank a whole bottle of Fire Ball right before we started to write this song and don´t really remember recording it 😅

Im so FUCKING EXCITED 👻 And I really thing you will like it!

Until then PLEASE follow me on Spotify HERE



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