Hi my beautiful monsters!

Since my Facebook was hacked and shut down I finally decided to start my blog đŸ€©

Lets start with the fucking Facebook situation! So many of my beautiful fans are on Facebook and we talk on a daily basis. You all give me so much inspiration and strength. Not being able to see u guys every day is fucking torture! Anyhow...

It started over a week ago when Facebook told me that someone reported my private account. That happens A LOT! When some people donÂŽt agree with me, or if the are pissed at me for some reason, the report my account (I know exactly who it was and it pisses me off like crazy!) I thought this time was the same as always and that I would get my account back after a few days but hell no! My account is shut down and if thats not enough, my band page SCARLET has been hacked by some asian fashion company and I cant get it back. GOD HOW I HATE THIS SHIT!

❀ Something AMAZING on the other hand is that I release my new single in just 2 weeks! ❀

The song is called #BOSSBITCH and it feature two incredible women. My girl Thirsty from SCARLET and scream queen Åsa Netterbrant from former "Zephyra", now "Slashy Sue"

I wanted to make a FUCK OFF song and #BOSSBITCH is the result of that!

Its also the song on the album with the most songwriters. Me, Thirsty (SCARLET), Ian- Paolo Lira (Lillasyster), Jonas Ekdahl (Evergrey), Martin Westerstrand (Lillasyster) Lisa Linck and Kim Sörensen. Let me just add that I drank a whole bottle of Fire Ball right before we started to write this song and donÂŽt really remember recording it 😅

Im so FUCKING EXCITED đŸ‘» And I really thing you will like it!

Until then PLEASE follow me on Spotify HERE




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