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Sunday Thoughts

Im sitting alone with a glas of vintage wine in my big, old mansion and wondering why I almost always prefer to be alone.

My record label (Arising Empire) asked me to write a biography for the upcoming album OBEY THE QUEEN. As I sat there looking back on my life and how I wrote each song I realized I spend almost every second of writing the first songs by my self. Right here, in my big lonely house. Its like I become blocked if someone else is around. I cant think straight. And I have my ways of doing things. Im NOT saying its the right thing to do, its just the way Ive always done things.

How ever...

This album is FUCKING AMAZING! And its because I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and started to write with other people. Alone is NOT always better, maybe just "pretend safe". Apparently there were a lot of amazingly talented songwriters out there who wanted to write songs with me. They knew who I was and of my previous songs. I mean.. shit 🤯 Im just a skull faced tiny thing with a batshit crazy head.

I might be just a liiiiiiiiittle tipsy right now. But hey, Im an artist right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ And speaking of alcohol. Tomorrow I will jump in my new car, drive to the city and stay at and old friend place for the night. We are going to a one hour long champagne tasting event. The restaurant closes just for us due to the Covid-19 situation. How exciting!

Im wondering what you all are doing and how you are holding up. Its super weird not talking to yall on Facebook. Hope you are doing ok. I miss you.

❤️Love ❤️

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